Hey guys, So it came into my mind that the last article that I wrote here is just trash.  Like, literal trash.  Who wants to know about the types of digital marketing ? Its just so boring and unentertaining, so I would like to apologise to the small audience that I have here.  But hey as I said, we all got to start somewhere.  We learn from our mistakes for our own betterment.   Good news is, I just got an answer from a company, I got my internship in digital marketing and I'm starting as from next week.  Yep. I'm becoming a digital marketer.   And I also realised that I dont actually need university to succeed in life(thanks to Robert Kiyosaki), so I decided to do a 2 year diploma instead of a 3 year degree.  Yeah, say what you want but it wont change a thing. Anyway, it's the start of something new. See you on the next one, Jake 
  Types of Digital Marketing   ·        Mobile Marketing Basically digital marketing helping an organization to target an audience by any mobile devices via messages, e-mails and applications installed.   ·        Search Engine Optimizer AKA SEO is the process of increasing the quantity of traffic on your website from web pages. There are 2 types of SEO, there is the on-page SEO and the off-page SEO.   The on-page SEO occurs when web pages are optimized to get higher ranks whereas the off-page SEO is the linking of the website to another one.     ·        Content Marketing Content marketing concerns the creation and sharing of content whether it be, videos, pictures, blogs online to a targeted audience   ·        Social Media Marketing Basically, the use of social media to promote a product that can be a good or a service.   ·        Affiliate Marketing It is marketing that involves a third party who promotes a product or service.   The third-party can be
  Why did I start this blog? Hi, I’m Jake.   I’m 20.   I’m a marketing student and I’m actually learning digital marketing on my own.   Well, I started this blog just to put my digital marketing skills into use.   As you may have noticed I’m not that good at writing, well, I am when I’m prepared but this time, I’m just writing whatever comes to my mind.   I’m still learning how to use the SEO, keyword planner, they are definitely interesting tools but pretty confusing at the moment. I’m waiting for an answer for an internship in digital marketing but right now I’m learning everything by myself.   What I wrote may get only one view.   Me. I may be bad right now but I will undoubtedly improve.   Mark my words.   This will be cringe-worthy to read in a few years… because my writing skills will certainly will be top tier when I’ll become older.   Give me less than a year haha.   So to my future self, I’m so sorry to put you in this position but hey, we had to start somewhere right?